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Qi Gong is proven safe for older adults wanting to improve their physical and mental health.

Qi Gong has shown to improve physical strength, breathing, sense of balance, and the flexibility of joints.

Qi Gong has shown to improve mood and mental alertness as well as to reduce stress.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a form of traditional Chinese wellness exercise practiced for centuries.  

Qi Gong practices are of many forms and can be classified as martial, medical, or spiritual.  They all involve specific postures, movements, breathing techniques, and mental focus.  The gentleness of the movements makes it very adaptive for just about any fitness levels and physical conditions.

Historically, Qi Gong is used as a system of health care to cleanse and heal the body, strengthen and circulate energy, and to ease the mind.  It has a firm foothold in the Chinese culture with millions of practitioners throughout the ages. 

Many ongoing academic research on Qi Gong in the West has shown it to induce relaxation and reduce stress, improve favorable blood chemistry in the body, and boost balance and flexibility.  It is being used as a form of alternative complementary medicine.

How is a QiGong Exercise and Mood App Experienced and Used by Older Adults Living in the Community?

McMillan Colleen
2017-07-20 00:16:22

The goal of this qualitative study was to understand the utility and usability of the app among a larger community sample of older adults living independently. Two smaller pilot studies were conducted in 2013 with samples of adults aged 55 and older living in Kitchener and Toronto. Feedback collected from the participants through SurveyMonkey spoke to the ease of the app, the mood tracker, and the ability to exercise “anywhere, anytime.” The later was a key finding as 68% stated they did not belong to an organized exercise program nor were interested in joining one.

East Meets West Healthy Aging Practices Progam

Event Date
2016-06-18 13:00:00

This event will feature different health focused practices that support healthy aging – all of the practices will be user friendly, interactive, evidence based and participatory. This public awareness event features both Western and Eastern based health practices, highlighting the collaborative synergy between the two philosophies. Concurrent topics will include the use of technology through the QiGong exercise app (developed by the authors), Chinese meridian testing, mobility exercises, intentional eating and mood screening.

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